Cutie din carton pentru sticla de ulei din masline

Studioul de design barcelonez Alberto Aranda Disseny, ofera un concept cu totul nou de cutie din carton personalizat intr-o culoare pentru sticla de ulei din masline.

"With the vocation for innovating we create a product that pretends to raise to the maximum quality. This quality combines a raw material of maximum level and the manual selection of professional craftsmen.

In the packaging, the handmade tradition is translated in the utilization of noble materials, formal and conceptual related to its origin, to the tools and the processes where the product is born.

The paper gives our product a natural language. It is accompanied by a manual sewing, where quality rules over complexity.

Our pack does not use any type of adhesive and is produced exclusively of biodegradable materials."











link:  albertoaranda.com

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